Optimise your business video

Business Video Marketing.

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Unleash your video marketing potential and build a loyal audience of consumers with tools that ignite your fan base, and strategy to keep you on track. We’ve reinvented the way that brands engage consumers using video.

58% of viewers arrive at your videos because of YouTube Search and Related Videos. We’ll help you increase your library of tags by 10x in less than 10 minutes, and discover content opportunities you’re missing out on.

Build a loyal following of fans, drive word of mouth, partner with influencers, and maximize brand affinity with organic audience development.

Video optimization is not as commonly practiced as website and content optimization. At the moment there is an opportunity to really gain a competitive advantage.

YouTube is often said to be the second largest search engine in the world after Google itself.

Having a strong YouTube presence can have an incredible impact on your brand reach and will give you the chance to engage with the millions of visitors using the platform.

This means a well-optimized video can be displayed prominently on Google, drawing in even more traffic and helping you to establish yourself as the go-to expert.

Once you get people to your video, you also have the opportunity to expand your communication with them. Encouraging people to click through to your brand’s YouTube page, or even to your company website, can turn your brand awareness into concrete site traffic (and ultimately, leads and conversions).

Create an optimized title and description.
Use tags wisely.
Create a full description.
Using closed captions or uploading a transcript.
Create Video Channel trailer

By marking up your videos, you can get them in front of the right people and see the branding power available on YouTube.