Corporate video production

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It was 3 years ago that I first read Google thought the future of the internet was video… video has become a ranking factor for websites, and adds greatly to a business marketing plan.

This was one of the main motivations for us at promotional film to become better business video producers.

In this day and age of improving camera technology, it is all too common for anyone with a camera to think they can easily produce a internet marketing video. However a quick look at the credits at even the end of a short television programme will give you an insight into the tasks and jobs required to do a professional high end job.

And for your business marketing purposes there is really no argument against producing high end marketing material. Quality lasts, cheap constantly needs replacing. It may seem more cost effective short term to pick a low price video producer, but long term you will get a better return on investment from video work that reflects your brand or business look and is of a high quality.

We understand not only the advanced technical procedures of producing quality corporate videos, but in this day and age of ever increasing online videos, we understand the techniques to make your video or commercial stand out from the crowd. It was Andrew Stanton from Pixar who stated the following… ‘make me care, we all know what it’s like to not care’

Which brings us onto the theme of story… rather than creative traditional business videos or commercials with just facts and figures and prices, we understand that to engage your customers people connect to people and stories.

This is where our skill of visual story telling comes to play. When your clients are interested in the video, the people and the story, they are much more likely to listen to your marketing call. This is the way we make people care. People will listen to a person or character they connect with and feel for. It is a well known tactic seen in many of the highest end commercials from the likes of Pepsi, Nike and of course the famous .

We are then able to create your brand visual story, identifying key people and their stories in your business to hook your clients on. This attention to pre-production saves greatly in time and money when filming and post production take place.

With our position close to London in the UK, we have access to the best producers, directors, film crew and sound technicians to create you the highest quality production around.